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The Dumont Swim Club offers a variety of Bonded and Seasonal Membership Packages designed to suit almost every need. A description of each and the corresponding application follows below...


Bonded & Seasonal Memberships

All membership packages at the Dumont Swim Club are either Bonded or Seasonal. Bonded Members are those who have paid a refundable bond at the time they joined the club, allowing them a discounted rate, eligibility to sit on the Board of Trustees and the ability to vote on any matter pertaining to the club. Please note - at this time, new Bond Memberships are not available. Seasonal Members are those who have not paid a bond to the club and therefore have no annual obligation. The membership is virtually the same as a bonded member with the exception of the items listed above.  

Family Memberships

Family Memberships may be Bonded or Seasonal and include the parent(s) and all children under the age of 26 living in the same household. Depending on the Membership Level - and with approval from the Board of Trustees, two (2) Grandparents or one (1) Caregiver may be added to a Family Membership for no additional fee. With any Family Membership, free swim lessons and participation in the Swim & Dive Team, is a available to all eligible children. Please note, an additional fee may apply for the Swim & Dive Team.

NEW FOR 2022! Seasonal Family Memberships are classified as Family 2 or Family 3+

Seasonal Family 3+

  • Up to two (2) adults (married or partners) and all children UNDER the age of 26 - as of May 30th, living in the same household

  • Up to two (2) grandparents OR one (1) caregiver (nanny, babysitter) - subject to approval by the Board of Trustees

  • All names must be included on the Membership Application

Seasonal Family 2

  • Two (2) adults (married or partners) living in the same household and any children UNDER two years of age - as of May 30th OR...

  • One (1) adult and one (1) child under the age of 26 - as of May 30th, living in the same household

Couple Membership

Couple Memberships are available only for bonded memberships and include two (2) adults, 18 years of age or older, living in the same household, including any child under two (2) years of age

Individual Memberships

One (1) adult, 18 years of age or older

Group & Private Lesson Memberships

Group lessons are offered free to all children aged 5-12 of Bond and Seasonal members. For non-members, Group Lesson Memberships are also available. These memberships offer children the opportunity to learn how to swim without purchasing a traditional membership. Private lessons are available for all members and non-members. Only the free lessons offered to members do not require one of the applications below. 

Membership Applications

Each document is in a Fillable PDF format. Simply complete the form on your computer - use the 'tab' key to move between fields, print when completed and sign.

The Early Pay Applications for 2024 - shown below, need to be printed in order to complete them. Once completed, please bring them to the DSC office, e-mail them to or mail them to the PO Box 133. 

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