Dumont Swim Club
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The Dumont Swim Club is a private non-profit club made up of families throughout our town and surrounding towns including our summer recreation kids and swim team participants. We must turn to corporate and community sponsorship for financial support to provide funds for our seasonal expenses and those expenses incurred by a facility that is over 30 years old i.e. Coping, caulking, and other needed pool repairs.  For our 2016 season, we are offering sponsorship by way of fence signs to all those interested; be it family sponsors, corporate and or local businesses. We encourage and appreciate your support in our efforts, just as we encourage all of the members of the Dumont Swim Club to patronize our sponsors, where appropriate

Fence Signs - Our Swim Club provides the opportunity to sell advertising space on our fences. Signs are professionally created by a local sign company and are based upon the design criteria of the sponsor. The fee allows the sign to remain in place for a full season with exposure to the public during our swim season. We also recognize all our sponsors on our web site for free.

You can create your own sign (keep it sweet and simple) or attach a business card to promote your business or anybody else’s business. We will be working with Mike Cervantes from On the Move Signs.  The signs are weatherproof and will hang in the club for the summer season. If the signs take more than 15 minutes for Mike to create, there will be an additional charge. Please view the examples below for ideas.

Please download a Sponsor form here.


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