Dumont Swim Club
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Membership Information and Forms

On this page you will find the forms needed for a new membership or to renew your membership.  They are in PDF format and will open in a new window.

The Dumont Swim Club offers two types of memberships.  There is a bondholder membership and a seasonal membership.

A bondholder membership requires a one time purchase of a $600.00 bond.  The bond payment can be spilt into 2 payments.  The first payment is with the intial application and the second payment is due prior to April 15th of the second year.  A bondholder membership entitles the members to run for the board and to vote for board members.  The membership rate is also less for bondholders.

A seasonal swimmer is a member for the current year only.

There are four memberships:
Family I  - a 2 parent household including all children 21 and under
Family II  - a 1 parent household including all children 21 and under
Couple - married couple living in the same household
Individual - a single adult 21 and older

All members can purchase g
uest passes for $50.00 per card prior to Memorial Day and $55.00 per card on and after Memorial Day.  Each card includes 10 passes. One pass is required per day during the week for each quest.  Two passes are required for each adult guest on the weekend (only one per child on the weekend)  Guests under the age of three are free.
Current membership rates are listed on the applications.

The applications along with payments can be mailed to:

Dumont Swim Club

P.O. Box 93
Dumont, NJ 07628

This year we are offering the applications in Word format for those that have Word on their computers.  Please fill out the form before printing, it is much easier for everyone to read!

If you cannot read the Word formatted files, please download the PDF version below, and fill it out, neatly!

Party Information

Celebrate at the Dumont Swim Club!

Dumont Swim Club provides:
Use of our facilities for 4 hours which includes:
pools (with lifeguards)
recreational equipment
picnic tables - Maximum of 3 tables please

You provide:
table linens
clean up

Cost:    Members are free, $10.00 for non-members.

Stop at the office to schedule your party today!

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